Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Dooars

The name ‘Dooars’ is originated from “Doors” as this exotic place located in Darjeeling district of West Bengal in India, which acts as a gateway to Bhutan and the various hill stations in Darjeeling & Sikkim region. Situated along the great Himalayan foothills.  Dooars is surrounded by lush tropical forests, multiple hill streams criss-crossing tea estates and plains and green-carpeted low mounts; all these make this nature’s splendour one of the most popular destinations among tourists.

Dooars Jungle Safari

Although the place is well known for its forests and wildlife reserves, there is a wide array of other attractions are available here. Listed below are some of the most famous tourist attractions in Dooars:

Dooars Hotels

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries

Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuaries

The Jaldapara wildlife Sanctuary is one of the key attractions in Dooars, where you can spot the rarest species of single-horned rhino which is one of the prominent inhabitant here. Champamari Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars, is also famous for its rare wildlife species. Other popular sanctuaries in the region include Buxa Tiger Project, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Gorumara National Park. In these reserves you may get to spot a rich wildlife inclusive of various types of reptiles, spotted deer bison, a large number of peacocks, wild boars and leopards.Neora Valley National Park is anotherwildlife reserve surrounded by lush woodlands.

  • Famous Scenic Spots

scenic spots in dooars

Bhitankhat is a popular destination well-known for its natural splendour and spectacular scenic beauty, which is situated along river Raidak that borders around Bhutan. Jayanti is another renowned spot that attracts tourist and is surrounded by Jayanti River and various hills. Khayrabari Nature Park and the leopard Rehabilitation Centre are other famous attractions in the area.

  • Other Attractions

Attractions in Dooars

Buxa Fort is popular destination, which was utilised as a detention camp by the British Government for keeping the freedom fighters. Malbazar, situated 50 km away from Siliguri is popular for its tea estates and scenic beauty around. Chalsa is yet another scenic splendour in the region and Teesta Barrage is another emerging tourist attraction. Phuntsholling, situated in the border is another popular attraction and a gateway. Lataguri is a small town nearby, worth a visit while you are in Dooars. Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary and Raas Mela are other prominent attractions in the area. Rajabhatkhaowa and Mongpong are two other popular attractions around Dooars which attract lot of tourists with scenic beauty.



Surrounded by gorgeous biodiversity, thick tropical forests and tea estates, Dooars is filled with a host of attractions that makes it one of the most popular tourist spots in North East India.



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